Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Brabus makes Mercedes G-Class really indestructible: Invicto

The standard Mercedes-Benz G-Class is already a car that is quite solid, but if you are a drug dealer you probably suffer from pieces of lead coming at you. An annoying side effect of the profession, and especially bad for health. Brabus helps you with an unobtrusive car that can bounce bullets, the Brabus Invicto.

The bullet-proof version of the Mercedes G-Class comes in three versions from the Brabus workshop. You can choose PURE, LUXURY or MISSION. All three sense VR6 Plus ERV armored, which means that you are protected against ' small arms fire and explosives '. There is a protective cell in the cars that is - very original - called the INVICTO Shelter Cell .

The cell can be built into the various variants of the G-Class that Mercedes-Benz supplies. You are smartest if you choose the PURE. That model is indistinguishable on the outside from a normal G-Class. So you drive an armored car that is no more striking than your home garden and kitchen G-Class. As far as those G's are inconspicuous, of course.

Are you more of the Tony Montana I own the world luxury event? You can also opt for LUXURY. That is a G 500 or a G 63 AMG with the 4.0 liter V8 with twin turbo. The 3m 8-ton armored car can still reach 210 kilometers per hour (so you can easily shake off attackers driving a Volvo .

If you have special requirements or are in charge of SPECTER , you can choose the MISSION. Instead of fragile Defenders, you drive brand new G-Class and have LED bars for enough light on the off-road and thick racks all around to push away annoying things. If you get stuck somewhere, send out a must-have accomplice to attach the winch to something so you can be pulled out again. If you have really dangerous opponents you can even add an ABC filter (atomic / biological / chemical).

The new Invicto is available from Brabus from € 354,600 (that is the German price).

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