Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Peugeot e-Legend is definitely not coming

You saw the Peugeot e-Legend pass extensively in your Instagram feed in recent weeks. However, the cool retro-new version of the 504 Pininfarina doesn't really get to the road. Peugeot will delete the car permanently.

Not good news from France this morning. Peugeot has decided that the e-Legend concept remains a concept only. The car was shown with much fanfare at the Paris Motor Show in 2018 and received rave reviews. So great was the enthusiasm that the French themselves started to consider putting the electric coupe into production.

In recent weeks, a video of the Peugeot has frequently appeared on the Instagram feeds of car enthusiasts, but apparently it does not stop there. In Paris, the decision has been made not to build the car. A petition with 50,000 signatures could not even help.

In an interview with the French Auto-Plus , Jean-Philippe Imparato, the big boss of Peugeot, gives the bad news. When asked if the car is coming soon, he answers firmly: "Absolutely not." The journalists are then surprised to ask why: "In a time of switching to electric propulsion, it is not wise to build a car that costs a million euros." Eh no, we would not have a million euros left for a Peugeot.

The price was so high because the e-Legend has a lot of screens on board, and would offer far-reaching autonomy. The concept was so far from reality that it halted the resurrection of the 504 Coupé. And well, of those 50,000 autographers probably won't have as many as a million in their back pockets.

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