Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Tesla gives Model S&X upgrades, even more range

The Tesla Model S and X have been extensively improved by the manufacturer, so that they now use electricity much more efficiently and thus drive further and charge faster.

Tesla has the philosophy of always developing their cars. They do this by continuing to improve the Autopilot and sending extra features to the cars via over-the-air updates. But sometimes the changes are more drastic than that and entire models have to be changed. In this case, Tesla modifies the drivelines and undercarriages of the Model S and X to such an extent that existing drivers cannot enjoy them unless they buy a new car.
Tesla took a closer look at the drivetrain of both models and found that replacing the induction motor on the front axle with an electric motor with fixed magnets is more than 10% more efficient, without doing anything about the battery. In addition, the new engine has the additional advantage that it produces more power, making acceleration in an S or X even faster. Tesla now provides the following figures for the new models. They adhere to the EPA standard.

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