Monday, 18 May 2020

The Mercedes EQC

Das Haus calls the EQC with a sense of humor 'the Mercedes among electric vehicles', in Germany the basic version will cost € 71,281. The car has EQC 400 4MATIC 408 hp from two electric motors, the range is 445 - 471 km according to the outdated NEDC cycle. The 80 kWh package can be charged with 7.4 kW via the onboard charger, while the EQC achieves a maximum of 110 kW on the fast charger. Strong points to combat the established electro-order are interior quality and overall finish, and a quiet cockpit. Because no matter how leading Tesla may be, in a Model X it is a lot noisier than in an I-Pace, e-tron or EQC.

The car has a starting price of € 80,995. This is slightly lower than the € 84,100 that Audi charges for the e-tron.

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