Thursday, 9 July 2020

Apple makes iOS Corona ready

Apple released iOS version 13.5. The release is said to simplify unlocking when the owner of the iPhone wears a face mask. In addition, the interface for Corona warning apps, which was developed together with Google, is integrated.

Apple has released iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 and is making its devices ready for the corona world with the release. Among other things, Apple promises that iPhones and iPads with FaceID will now recognize whether their owner is wearing a face mask and then switch to code unlocking more quickly. In addition, the release integrates the tracing interface, which Apple developed together with Google and which should allow corona warning apps to be installed on the devices.

The interface creates the basis for using corona tracing apps on smartphones. Among other things, the apps get access to Bluetooth, even if they only run in the background. The concept of Google and Apple provides that the distance between two phones is measured using the Bluetooth signal strength, the exchange is to be done using a Bluetooth crypto key, which changes every few minutes. The manufacturers want to ensure that contacts can be traced without being able to track users. In addition, the batteries of the devices should be loaded only slightly. Only one app per country should be allowed to access the interface. It will probably take another month until a corresponding app arrives in Switzerland, so the Covid 19 contact protocol feature can be used in iOS 13.

Another new feature in iOS 13.5 concerns Facetime, where there is now an option to control the automatic highlighting of video tiles in group calls - it also fixes a problem related to video stream playback on websites that only shows a black screen. The update for iOS is 420 MB and is available immediately.

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