Sunday, 5 July 2020

BMW i3: good e-car with short delivery time

Small but powerful - the i3 from BMW has shown for years that switching to an electric vehicle means that comfort is not lost. And even the delivery time is particularly short with this electric car.

At the market launch in 2013, the i3 was a pioneer in terms of electric cars. With just over 165,000 units sold worldwide, the resounding success did not materialize, but the Bavarian carmaker has so far stuck to its idea. In recent years, it has let the model roll off the line, donated a more powerful 120 kilowatt hour battery and refined the design. But there will be no new edition. In September 2019, BMW confirmed to the Financial Times that the i3 would not get a successor, but that production of the small electric strobe should continue.

BMW i3: sustainable electric car
With the i3, BMW has launched an electric car that is trimmed from top to toe in terms of electronics and sustainability. From the light materials of the platform to the drive. The chassis is made of aluminum, the body made of carbon and the interior partly made of recycled material. The interior looks high-quality and the door concept is at least original. Every buyer has to decide on its practical benefits. The maneuverability of the small city car is outstanding, the turning circle is just 9.86 meters. The trunk is just as small, but its volume of 200 liters is easily enough for a medium-sized purchase. The range At around 260 kilometers, it is a good average for electric city cars. And those who brake do not lose, but recuperate the charge. Even more energy can be saved when driving in Eco Pro Plus mode, but the air conditioning is also switched off.

Driving fun is a top priority for BMW. The electric motor, which delivers its power (250 Nm) immediately in full dose, mobilizes 102 hp at 4,800 revolutions and has a peak output of 170 hp. In the somewhat more agile i3s there are 184 horsepower and 270 Nm. Values ​​that are impressively expressed in terms of sprinting ability and elasticity. An extensive range of driver assistance systems, from parking assistants to traffic jam assistants, who also take over steering, can be used in the i3. The security package can be expanded considerably against payment.

BMW i3: price, features and delivery timeThe price of the model presented here does not refer to the base price of the car without extras and with minimal motorization, but to the average price for an exemplary configuration, as it usually takes place. The short delivery time of a maximum of three months is also encouraging - compared to the competition with other electric models, this is a top value.

BMW i3 - 29,790 euros
Motor: 184 HP electric motor
Range: up to 300 kilometers
Equipment line: S equipment
Transmission: 1-speed automatic
Doors: 5
Special equipment: “Suite” interior design, natural leather combination, comfort package

BMW i3: Urban Suite - the future of the i3?

Since the vehicle market has changed rapidly and rapidly in recent years, it is probably only a matter of time before the production of the i3 comes to an end. Before that happened, BMW started again and presented a new design study of the vehicle at CES 2020 (January 7-10 in Las Vegas): the BMW i3 Urban Suite.

Externally, no changes are visible on the BMW i3 Urban Suite compared to the regular model. The driver's seat and dashboard were also left untouched. The rest is completely redesigned: the back seat disappears completely and has been replaced by a single lounge chair, next to which there is a side table and lamp instead of another seat. There is also no longer a passenger seat. A footrest takes its place, which can be adjusted to your own preferences at the push of a button, but above all to your own height.

Also available at the push of a button: a screen that pivots down from the headlining after pressing a button. For example, content from Amazon's streaming service Prime Video can be played on it. The BMW i3 Urban Suite already has the necessary internet access via the 5G mobile radio standard, which the Bavarian car manufacturer's series vehicles are to be donated for the first time from 2021. BMW also integrated a special listening zone in the headrest of the lounge chair, which simulates a separate, enclosed acoustic area. The passenger can enjoy his entertainment program undisturbed or make phone calls. It is uncertain, however, whether BMW will launch the speedster in series in this form.

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