Friday, 10 July 2020

Canon EOS M6 Mark 2 Review

The second version of the EOS M6 was also presented at the same time as the EOS 90D. That is a mirrorless system camera that has many similarities with the SLR EOS 90D, but of course has a completely different character.

The most striking similarity with the EOS 90D is the sensor. It delivers no less than 32.5 megapixel and that is - especially considering the aps-c sensor size - a lot. The well-known DIGIC 8 processor is also present. With no mirror mechanism to flip up and down when taking a photo, the EOS M6 Mark II has the advantage when it comes to speed. Compared to the EOS 90D, it is a lot faster, up to 30 frames per second. It has to be said that those images are smaller in that case: about 18 megapixels. If you want the full resolution with the use of autofocus, the counter will remain at 14 frames per second. Still an excellent score, making this camera ideal for dynamic photography.

As with the predecessor, the EOS M6 Mark II lacks the electronic viewfinder, which several competitors have on board as standard. However, the camera remains nice and compact. Canon has a solution for photographers who like to use the viewfinder: the separately available EVF-DC2. It is very personal whether that missing viewfinder is a plus or a minus, but there is an option if desired. At an additional cost, though. For the vloggers: the screen on the back tilts upwards and is therefore great to use when the camera is on a tripod.

As with the EOS 90D, the new sensor is perfectly suited to its task. The high sensor resolution results in detailed photos with fine colors and (for most situations) excellent dynamic range. More megapixels often means a higher risk of noise, but fortunately Canon has restrained that perfectly. The noise performance is not groundbreaking good, but excellent for practical use. The files are of course quite large, something to keep in mind if you would like to purchase this camera.

Of course, this mirrorless Canon also has the fine Dual Pixel CMOS AF, with which the camera focuses smoothly and, above all, very accurately. Sometimes, however, the camera (read: the processor) struggles to keep up with the fast pace in burst mode. The M6 ​​Mark II can of course also film, also in 4K resolution. The images are generally fine, but lack the sharpness and detail of some competitors. It is also not possible to film in 24p, which will be possible in the future after a firmware update.


    Fashion modelCanon EOS M6 Mark II
    price€ 949.99- (body)
    Sensorcmos sensor, 32.5 megapixel, aps-c
    Video resolution3840x2160
    Photosensitivityiso 100-25600 (expandable)
    Burstrate30 fps
    Recording formatjpg, raw
    Included memorynone, SD
    Lenses typeCanon EF-M (EF / EF-S via adapter)
    Elongation factor1.6x compared to 35 mm
    FocusingDual Pixel CMOS AF, manual
    Viewfinderoptional (EVF-DC1 or EVF-DC2)
    LCD monitor7.5 cm, tilting TFT touchscreen
    Weight / Dimensions body408 grams / 119.5x70x49.2 mm

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