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When does the Playstation 5 appear? What hardware will it have? And is it backward compatible? We summarize everything we already know about the PS5.

PS5 release, price, hardware: All information about the PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 is the successor to the PS4. So far, no design, price or launch date are known. But there is still a lot of known information and many credible rumors. In this article we collect all information and news about the price, release, hardware and games.

We have collected all the information and rumors of the past few years for you so that you can find everything there is to know and expect about PlayStation 5 at a glance:

PS5 release - when does the console appear?
The most important question first: when will the PS5 come out? We know that, according to Sony's official statement, the next-gen console will appear at the end of 2020 , during the so-called Holiday Season (more or less the extended Christmas business. Everything is possible here from late October to mid-December).

According to Sony, the target release period is still certain despite the corona crisis. This was confirmed by Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan in early April 2020.

Price - What will the PS5 cost?
The PS4 cost just under 400 euros for the launch , the PS4 Pro also went over the counter for 400 euros at the beginning. However, it is becoming increasingly unlikely that the PS5 will be offered at the same price. It will probably be more expensive than the PS4 and PS4 Pro .

What does Sony say about the PS5 price? According to Sonys Mark Cerny, the system architect of the PS5, the console "should offer a reasonable and attractive cost factor" . Hiroki Totoki, Chief Finanical Officer at Sony, said the price of the next-gen console also depends on the competition . Apparently, Sony is planning to undercut Microsoft again.

What are the rumors about the price? According to insiders, Sony is currently struggling to keep production costs below $ 450 . A Bloomberg report from April 2020 also fits in with this: Individual components are expensive and sometimes fiercely competitive, because different manufacturers would try to do so at the same time. According to Bloomberg, PS5 estimates are between $ 499 and $ 549.

PlayStation 5 design - what does the PS5 look like?
The PS5 was unveiled as part of Sony's reveal event on June 11th. The console is available in two models, one with a drive and one without. The latter is accordingly slimmer.
In addition to the missing drive and the slightly customized design, there are other differences between the standard model of the PS5 and the Digital Edition:
PS5 advertising slogan: The official slogan for the Next Gen console for the system is "Play Has No Limits", probably an allusion to the significantly increased speed of the system.

By the way, you can already put the PS5 in your apartment. At least as a virtual 3D model thanks to the corresponding AR app.

PS5 peripherals - This is the PlayStation 5 family
In addition to the actual PS5 console, Sony has also introduced some peripheral devices that belong to the expanded circle of the PlayStation family. If you want to stock up on it, you can choose among:

HD camera with two 1080p lenses
PULSE ED wireless headset
Media remote control
DualSense charging station

Hardware specs of the PS5
The exact hardware details of the PlayStation 5 were revealed by Sony's console architect Mark Cerny in March 2020. Here are the key performance data:

CPU: eight-core Zen 2 with 3.5 GHz clocking
GPU: 10.28 teraflops, 36 CUs (RDNA 2)
Hard drive: 825GB SSD
Extended storage: SSD slot
Drive: 4K UHD Blu-Ray drive
For comparison: the standard PS4 only comes to 1.84 TeraFLOPS, the Pro to 4.2 TeraFLOPS.

About the CPU: The Zen 2 CPU comes from the manufacturer AMD and contains 8 cores, just like the PS4 Pro. It was probably just not necessary to top up here, after all the Zen architecture ensures that the PS5 should run significantly faster even at the same clock rate.

SSD ensures more speed
Although the storage capacity is slightly reduced compared to the PS4 Pro and Xbox Series X, as John Linnemann from Digital Foundry announced on Twitter, the speed of the hard drive (5.5GB / s Raw / 9GB / s Compressed) is "the craziest" the PS5 ". Not only is it already very fast from the pure values, the SSD should also be a lot faster than that of the Xbox Series X.

Speed ​​example: If 1GB of data was previously loaded from the PS4 in 20 seconds, 2GB of data should now be processed in 0.27 seconds.

More memory? The SSD hard drive storage of the PS5 can be expanded by the way . And that with standard external SSDs that are checked for compatibility by Sony. However, this will only be possible after the launch. In addition, the operating system of the PS5 significantly smaller than that of the PS4, which means that less memory is blocked by the OS.

Faster data processing speed: thanks to SSD, the PS5 is even 100 times faster than the PS4, according to Sony. Sony is referring to the data processing speed of the Next Gen console (not the loading speed in games). 

The built-in SSD should also reduce the charging times by a multiple compared to the PS4 Pro .

PS5 is supposed to get by without loading screens.
In a video, Sony shows how fast the PS5 is actually . Using the example of Marvel's Spider-Man, the loading times of the Next Gen console are compared with the PS4 Pro - and the difference is huge, at least in this game.

In fact, Sony's vision is to eliminate the loading screens entirely. According to Sony, the ultra-fast SSD is the key to the next generation and the first step to make loading screens a thing of the past.

What should the graphics of the PS5 offer?
8K resolution confirmed: As Sony's systems engineer Mark Cerny revealed in an interview, the PS5 is said to support 8K resolution. Even 4K screens are not yet widespread, so you can imagine how many users can actually enjoy 8K content directly at launch (the short answer: everyone who has between 5,000 and 15,000 euros for an 8K monitor).

Ray tracing on the PS5.
When it comes to hardware, it is also important to know that ray tracing on the PS5 is not anchored in the software, but in the hardware. "There is ray tracing acceleration in the GPU unit," Cerny is quoted as saying.

More freedom in downloading and installing.
The use of storage space on the PS5 should become more economical due to the type of game installation . Games should be able to be saved in granular form, which means that only the parts of the title that we want to play have to be downloaded, for example only the multiplayer campaign of a title, when we are already through with the single player.

Blu-ray drive confirmed for PS5
Yes, the next PlayStation will definitely use physical storage media. System architect Mark Cerny confirmed this in an exclusive Wired article .

BluRays should continue to function as the medium, as Cerny also reveals. In contrast to the currently available PS4 Pro, the optical drive should also be able to be used as a 4k Blu-Ray player.

Improved heat management
According to a Bloomberg report , Sony "unusually" spends a lot of money on a PS5 cooling system . This could suggest that the sometimes extreme volume of the PS4 fans should be contained.

What many of you should also be very happy about is a statement by Cerny about the heat sensitivity of the PS5. If the PS4 was still on its knees when the outside temperature was high, this should change in the future:

"" All work processes of the PS5 run at the same performance level in every environment. The outside temperature is not critical. ""

PS5: downward compatibility confirmed
Clear answer: According to system architect Mark Cerny, the next hardware generation of the PlayStation family will be compatible with the PS4 software . Thanks to the existing drive, we can also insert and play our favorite titles of the current console generation on the PS5. The goal is to almost all offer over 4000 PS4 games - in improved quality.

Own PS4 mode: We now have more specific information on PS4 downward compatibility. The PS5 comes with its own mode for PS4 games, of which at least 100 are already available for launch. According to Sony, these were successfully tested on the PS5. However, it is not excluded that this catalog will be expanded at the start.

Also applies to PSVR: The PSVR headset is also taken into account in downward compatibility and will also connect to the PS5.

New engine is supposed to make retro titles even prettier: Sony is said to even be working on a so-called "remastering engine" that should allow older titles to be graphically enhanced. That would be comparable to the possibilities of the Xbox One X, for which old Xbox titles can also be optimized.

PS5: what about VR?
So far, it is only known that the PSVR headset of the PS4 will be backwards compatible on the new console. So far there are only various rumors and pending patents about a possible PSVR2 for the PS5, so far Sony has not commented on this topic.

PS5 controller: what can we expect from the DualSense?
The new controller that the PS5 will introduce was officially unveiled on April 7: it's called DualSense.
What can the new PS5 controller do?

haptic feedback
Adaptive trigger
Rechargeable batteries
Create Button replaces the Share Button
Built-in microphone
Lightbar now next to the touchpad

PS5 controller becomes backwards compatible
Similar to the PS5 itself, the DualSense should also be compatible with the PlayStation 4 . This can be found on the French PlayStation website.

The other way round, there are rumors that the PS4 controller can also be connected to the PS5 . However, this has not been confirmed.

At least three more years of support for the PS4
Even after the launch of the PS5, the previous generation should not be dropped. According to a presentation at an investor conference , the PS4 should remain the engine for Sony's profitability for at least three years.

how do you see it? What are your wishes for the PS5? And what do you think is not possible?

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