Monday, 3 August 2020

Oculus Quest 2020: New pictures, possible release date

According to the UploadVR website , the new Quest offers a lens distance controller in three stages. As expected, it is hidden on the inside of the case (see picture below).

The fun of unveiling the new Oculus Quest should have passed Facebook: more pictures of the new model have appeared on the net - there is no physical regulator for the eye relief on them, at least not in the known form.

The following picture is interesting with a direct view of the lenses, which could differ from the previous model for another sweet spot, i.e. the sharp area of ​​the lens. So Oculus could at least partially compensate for the missing eye relief regulator. However, the sweet spot cannot be determined from the picture.

It can also be seen that Oculus continues to use a Fresnel-cut lens. The picture shows a possible physical slider with a “2” on it - function unknown.

Possible improvements of the new quest at a glance:

Refresh rate at 90 Hz

LC display with full RGB pixel matrix (sharper, no longer OLED black)

lighter (450 grams vs. 570 grams) and more convenient

higher tracking speed for controllers (60 Hz vs. 30 Hz)

additional tracking field of view for controllers

new haptic or finger tracking function for controllers

probably new processor / architecture

Date of release: September 15th

The Leaker replenishes and publishes a second picture of the new Oculus Quest, which shows the VR glasses from a side angle and from behind. On the second picture there is also no hardware controller for the lens spacing.

Looking at the lenses - Oculus could have made improvements here to compensate for the physical eye relief regulator. | Image: Facebook / Oculus

WalkingCat also mentions a date: September 15th . The date could coincide with Oculus Connect 7 , Facebook's XR conference, and reveal either the announcement date or the launch of the VR glasses.

In addition to the WalkingCat advertising images , other images of a possible pre-series model appeared on Reddit .

The upper tracking cameras are located slightly further outside on the housing, which could speak for a larger tracking area. However, the dimensions of the VR glasses as a whole could simply have changed.

A well-known Microsoft Leaker apparently also has good contacts with Facebook - and shows a first picture of a possible new Oculus Quest.

Someone on Facebook doesn't seem to be able to stand still: At the beginning of May , Bloomberg reported for the first time about a new Oculus Quest, which is not a successor, but should be lighter and more comfortable than the current model. Bloomberg cited business-related people as the source.

Originally, the glasses should have been released for the next Oculus Connect in autumn, but due to the corona crisis, they could be postponed to the coming year, Bloomberg said. However, the Japanese newspaper Nikkei recently added another leak: Production of new Oculus glasses should start now in July .

It is quite possible that this is the new Quest model, which would therefore be ready for a market launch in autumn. Facebook plans to produce up to two million units by Christmas.

Does Facebook save on an important convenience function?

The well-known Microsoft Leaker “WalkingCat” has now published a picture of the possible new Quest glasses on Twitter. Walking Cat also showed HP's Reverb G2 VR glasses in advance and leaked Microsoft's Hololens 2 before the official unveiling. So it is quite possible that the picture is authentic.

It is striking that the usual position on the underside of the new Quest lacks the eye relief slider - as with Rift S and Oculus Go. For Facebook this would result in lower production costs and possibly a lower selling price.

With Quest Light, the eye relief control is no longer in the usual place. It is possible that Facebook has rationalized it away - or that the render image is incomplete or the button is somewhere else. 

 Image: via Walking Cat, Twitter

However, users of the VR glasses would then no longer be able to adjust the lens spacing exactly to their eye relief. Especially for people with a particularly wide or narrow eye relief (less than 60 or more than 70 mm), this can have disruptive consequences, such as a blurred or distorted image, which ultimately reduces convenience and can even promote VR nausea.

Facebook may have placed the distance controller somewhere else on the case. If it is actually missing, it would probably be advisable for users with a non-average eye relief (approx. 63 - 65 mm) to buy the old model at a reduced price before it disappears from the market.

Quest Light: Better screen, more comfort

According to Bloomberg's source, the new quest is about 10 to 15 percent smaller and a bit lighter - 450 instead of 571 grams. A more elastic material for the head holder is also possible: Quest Light is supposed to be more comfortable overall.

The refresh rate of the display is to be increased from the current 72 Hz up to 90 Hz , which benefits immersion and prevents VR nausea. The two VR controllers could also get better , including better haptic technology, controller finger tracking and a higher tracking frequency

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