Wednesday, 22 March 2023

What is the Meta Yield Launchpad all about? To put it simply, it is a platform for raising funds to support projects you believe in and would like to invest in. All of this is designed to happen in a lossless way and It is an integral part of Meta pool and the NEAR blockchain ecosystem.

NEAR projects seeking financial support and exposure to the NEAR community can use Meta Yield's lossless staking rewards-based crowdfunding platform. Together with the help of their users and communities, the platform allows promising projects to take their vision to the next level.

The Meta Yield Launchpad was created by Meta Pool to allow backers to invest in the projects that they believe in and to allow them to do so in a lossless way and in exchange, the backers receive that project's tokens in the future. 

This mutually beneficial relationship helps builders on NEAR to raise funds and get exposure to the NEAR community.

The team at Meta Pool has been working tirelessly to bring you an entire suite of products and features and we cannot do this without your support and feedback. Input from the community has been a very important part of the development cycle at Meta Pool. 

One of our new initiatives is Meta Vote and it was made to put you in the driver's seat. Meta vote is designed to work with the very active participation of the NEAR community in selecting the next project to launch on Meta Yield.

So What is Meta vote all about? With this new feature, you can use your $META tokens to select the project you'd like to have on the launchpad.

To participate in the contest, you will need to know how to vote but the voting Process  is relatively straight-forward:

First you visit, then you select the projects you would like to vote for from the list of candidates for the contest, then you vote!

Now If you don't have any $META or voting power, you wont be able to vote so you do need to get some $META which is very easy to do.

And all of this can be done through your wallet.

Meta Vote has had six competitions now and the sixth one ended on February 8th, with a very close and exciting finish as NEAR HUB emerged as the winner closely followed by Jump DeFi.

Now a little bit about the two projects.

NEAR HUB is a virtual and immersive metaverse project that allows you to embark on a journey through the NEAR Ecosystem . You can virtually host your events and it's the perfect place to meet like-minded people and explore a lot about the NEAR Protocol, DeFi, DAOs, Gaming, and NFTs.

The Jump DeFi platform is the only one-stop decentralized finance platform on NEAR Protocol. Its mission is to empower users and developers by lowering the entry barriers into DeFi.

The platform offers a lot of revenue-generating apps and services including: 

The Jump DEX's Automated Market Maker and optimized Dex infrastructure, which allows users to seamlessly swap between their favorite cryptocurrencies. This DEX is also unique in that it also allows users to bypass the wNEAR (wrapped NEAR) requirements.

Jump DeFi also has a token Launchpad which allows users to create and  launch their tokens and leverage the Jump Dex liquidity pools and yield farms to power the newly made token!

Included in Jump Defi's features is an NFT Staking Platform which allows projects to stake their NFT collections to earn Jump's native project tokens, ACOVA, and JUMP.

And last but not least, is Jump Token Laboratory, NEAR's first no-code contract deployer! This is a suite of developer applications that startups can use to rapidly implement their ideas.

Jump DeFi and the Jump Team provide a wide assortment of tools and features that allow the platform to integrate with other projects in the NEAR ecosystem harnessing the power of composability to integrate Jump Finance with other platforms and enable invisible swaps, allowing traders to pay instantly with their favorite NEP-141 tokens.

Now while the NEAR HUB campaign has successfully ended, the Jump Defi campaign is still on-going. It is currently raising funds and is still in phase one with four more phases to go so you still have the opportunity to support the project with your stNEAR and earn $JUMP tokens! 

You can head over to to participate now!

*Remember backers do not give away their tokens only the rewards from their tokens

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