Wednesday, 9 August 2023



Welcome to a new idea whose time has come; Myriad.Social is a social media platform built on the NEAR and Octopus blockchains. Gone are the days of dealing with the control that Big Tech has exerted over the social media landscape with their centralized user-content policies and overbearing algorithms dictating what you can see or not see. We're thrilled to introduce you to an exciting revolution that's changing the game – Myriad Social! Say goodbye to the stress and lack of control over your identity and data and say hello to a vibrant and empowering experience that you are in absolute charge of!

Embrace Freedom and Sovereignty

With Myriad Social, you're in the driver's seat. You can Discover and curate content with Timelines - A timeline is a subscribable collection of content based on hashtags, people or manually added posts.No more opaque algorithms telling you what to see or who to follow. It's time to curate your own content with timelines that match your interests – all naturally, all you!

Empowering User-Curated Growth

Here's the scoop – Myriad Social isn't just a platform, it's a movement! Get ready to unlock your potential. As a user or an owner, you're not limited by anyone else's rules. You have the power to monetize, control your identity, and unleash your creative side. With the integration of crypto-wallets, you're the master of your own universe because Myriad runs on the blockchain; and even if you prefer you can use just your email to connect with us! And there are fine-grained privacy options that you can modify to suit your needs!

Let Diversity and Creativity Flourish

Myriad Social is all about YOU. Whether you're a tech whiz or a curious explorer, you can create your very own instance, connecting with like-minded individuals and forming a community that thrives on freedom of expression. Break free from the norm and embrace an experience where your growth knows no bounds! As an instance owner, you are completely free to customize Myriad Social to fit the needs of your community, workgroup, forum, DAO, or any other use case where a crowd meets an idea.

A World of Possibilities with Monetization

Welcome to monetization made easy! In the Myriad ecosystem, you can stake $MYRIA tokens, receive rewards, and engage in a lively exchange of tips. Content creators, this is your time to shine – send and receive tips, and watch your exclusive content flourish. It's not just about consumption; it's about collaboration and exchanging fair value for all your hard work.

The Future is Bright

Myriad Social isn't just stopping here – oh no! We've got big plans for the future. Imagine tuning your very own AI to tailor content recommendations to your liking. Mint your content, explore new integrations, and experience one-click instance deployment. Plus, get ready for a Peer-to-peer advertising system that rewards you for being part of the conversation! These and much more features are coming to Myriad very soon!

Join the Movement

It's time to take back the web and embark on a journey with Myriad.Social! Together, we're shaping a world where you dictate what you see, what you do, and how you engage. Join the user-sovereign movement and be a champion of free speech, creativity, and empowerment. The web belongs to you, and we're here to make sure it stays that way!

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